Hall of Doers


Farid Fadaie

The entrepreneur who coded his way out of an AT&T Bill


It was getting harder and harder for Farid to write a $1,000 check to AT&T every month. He paid for phone lines he didn’t need, but was required to have. Yet, somehow the basic services his business needed—hold, queue, and voicemail—all cost extra. With a few weeks of tinkering, he built his own communication suite with Intercom and Twilio.

Farid singlehandedly ported his office’s number to Twilio, wired his Asterisk server to a SIP trunk, and built browser-based SIP phones for his staff in addition to SMS appointment confirmation reminders. All of this took him two weeks.

With a new communication system in place, Farid’s business is growing rapidly. He’s more than quadrupled the number of new patients he brings in per month.

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