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Jacinda Shelly

Bringing the doctor’s office to patients’ homes


The doctor isn’t always a BART ride away. For a countless number of Americans, getting into the doctor’s office is a burden. For those living in rural America, this problem is magnified. Patients in need of care drive hours and hours to find the care they seek, at great financial cost. Jacinda Shelly took an immense burden off of these patients’ plates, eliminating their commute and making it far easier to get the care they seek.

Jacinda built a video platform for Doctors On Demand that lets patients see their doctor from the comfort of their home — via video chat powered by Twilio Video. Instead of commuting hours to their doctor’s office, they only have to wait a few minutes to see their doctor.

Now patients across all 50 states on the Doctors on Demand platform have the access to care that they need.

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