Hall of Doers


Tanmay Bakshi

The 13-year old developer on a mission to inspire and educate


At age five he began programming. At age nine he published his first book. Now, at 13-years-old, he’s travelling the world, aiming to inspire 100,000 developers.

Tanmay fell in love with programming at an early age. At age nine he published his first app call tTables. In a few years, he progressed from working on simple iOS apps to building autonomous rally cars, and drones that can fly via text.

Tanmay travels the world with the goal of inspiring new developers, veteran developers, and folks dipping their toes into the programming pool. His advice to them is “start small, start easy, and start playful.”

Twilio is one of Tanmay’s favorite tools to play with. Using the SMS API, he builds A.I. bots that answer questions sent in via text. Using the Voice API, he builds biometric authentication apps.

An API is just a tool. The real magic is what you build with the tools you have. Tanmay is showing anyone and everyone how to unlock that magic with code.

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